Swopz Eco Hero


1 hour per bag

Do you hate waste and want to save things from going to landfill?

A Swopz Eco Hero is someone who helps us to reduce the amount of waste that’s in our community.

Swopz Shop is an eco-company that obtains surplus stock from businesses and allocates them throughout the community via our site and at pop-up swap events, ensuring a fair distribution of consumables across our society and reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

We are running a pilot where we work with Eco Heroes to help distribute surplus stock to people who can reuse it.

We source all the surplus stock and store it in our Fishponds warehouse. This is great for residents of Fishponds but not so great for people elsewhere in the community who would like to conveniently access our stock. This is where the Eco Hero comes in and saves the day! By volunteering a small space in your home to store a selection of items you help us reach more throughout the community.

Each Eco Hero is part of a team of volunteers who take responsibility for hosting a small proportion of stock, listing them on the Swopz Shop site, and redistributing to their neighbours, who pick up the items directly from the Eco Hero. 

In exchange you’ll get first dibs on our stock before it goes live plus loads of Points to spend on new-to-you items!

There is also an opportunity to be involved in our pop-up swap events and even host your own when it’s safe to do so.

The first step would be to agree the amount of stock and what type of stock you would be happy to host. This could be anything from a small bag of clothes to a whole garage of mixed things from instruments to tents! It’s up to you.

We will deliver the agreed stock and then it will be your responsibility to present and photograph the items ready to be listed on the site.

Instructions and an easy bulk upload tool will be provided to make everything run effortlessly.

What’s needed?

  • An easy-to-access storage space with a minimum measurement of 40cm x 80cm (A medium shopping bag)
  • A working camera (Smartphone is good!)
  • A device to access Google Sheets (Online equivalent to Excel)


You must be located within Bristol and not in Fishponds.

What you need to do?

List and manage items. It’s up to manage your time but we ask for at least 5 items to be listed per week until all items are listed. This should take no more than 30 mins per 5 items. All listings are automatically removed when they have been agreed for pick up so that just leaves you to arrange the pick-up of the item at a convenient time for you.

Why become a Swopz Eco Hero?

  • By enabling more people to access surplus stock you are potentially saving items from going to landfill and also providing an alternative to buying new.
  • You get first dibs on our stock.
  • You will be given Points which can be spent on items on the site.
  • You become part of something special