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Swopz Shop Rules

You are joining a friendly local swapping community. Please follow the community rules to ensure that Swopz continues to be a happy and fun place for swapping. 

1. The best swaps are local swaps. 

2. Don’t swap items that you wouldn’t be happy to receive. One person’s rubbish could certainly be another’s treasure! But that doesn’t mean an item should actually be rubbish. 

3. Take up to 10 photos of your items and make sure they look great, so you are more likely to get offers. Ensure that labels, sizes, brands, and any damage is visible and fairly documented. 

4. Give your swaps a realistic Swopz points value. Think about:

  • Quality – if an item is very old and tatty, its value may not be as great as something that is newer.
  • Condition – you may have an item that still works and is fine to swap but it is faulty, if so, then that will affect its value.
  • Fairness – items that have very high values might not get many bids.
  • Planning – you may be looking to get enough points from your swaps in order to get another item.

5. Do not post your personal contact information on your posts, as this will be live on the internet. You can use the private messaging service to arrange pick-ups with potential swappers. 

6. Be prompt. Don’t leave someone hanging, if you are keen for a swap, then please complete it in good time. It is fine if you are no longer interested in a swap that has been accepted, but please tell the swapper so they can put it out for other offers. 

7. Be safe. COVID-19 is a reality of these times.

  • Sanitise everything that is swapped. Ensure that all items are fully cleaned and disinfected before swapping them.  Clean any new-to-you items before they come into your home. 
  • Swaps should be contactless.  Social distancing for swap pick-ups or drop-offs is mandatory.  Please organise for a safe place outside of your homes. 

8. Be nice and mind your Ps and Qs. Swopz is your local community, so please treat other swappers with courtesy.

Happy swapping everyone. 

Recycle, reuse, repeat.