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Whether you’ve just stumbled across our site and you’re a bit unsure what we’re about, or if you just fancy getting to know us a bit better we’ve created this blog post to answer some of those questions!

Continue reading to find out who we are, what we’re doing, and where we’re going at Swopz Shop Bristol:

🌿  Who are we?

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🌿  Our aims


‘Changing sustainability one community at a time’

SwopzShop is a free to use online swapping community with a mission of reducing waste in local communities and empowering others to live more sustainably.

We want to be able to provide the means for individuals to support each other in their mission towards living a more sustainable life. 

As well as running in-person swap events, we aim to create a positive platform and space on our website and social media platforms to share educational content, give advice, and update you on local eco-initiatives, sustainability tips and upcycling tricks.


Our mission from the start has been to put the community at the heart of everything we do, rewarding positive interactions and creating an inclusive space where people can get the things they need for free.  

“Our vision was to create an easy to use space that can help individuals and communities reduce their waste”

– Jasmine de Savigny, CEO of Swopz Shop. 

Here at Swopz Shop, we aim to actively reduce the amount of waste on the streets and in landfills, but more than just that, we’re committed to changing the ways society behaves in order to create a better future.

If not a more prevalent time than ever, we should all be challenging not only our own environmental impacts, but also the impacts of those around us and what we are doing to help or hinder this.

We are passionate about sustainability and are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint as well as providing the means for others to do so to!

By enabling and expanding existing swapping and secondhand initiatives, we can empower and uplift local communities to live more sustainably by swapping local.

Aside from our site, we also want to use our platform as a sustainable hub where we can provide important information to enable you to reduce your own carbon footprint locally and easily too.

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Sat in a coffee shop on Glouscester road in 2019, Swopz Shop co-founders and good friends Jasmine de Savigny and Claudia Effra-Hume were discussing the struggles of sustainable parent-hood. As two busy mums and avid eco-warriors, they were left feeling a little disheartened and defeated with the amount of waste of kids toys and clothes they were accumulating at home. 

Along with many other parents they knew, they were also struggling to maintain the constant turnover of grown out clothes, something that can be really costly!

Despite there being community efforts in Bristol with Facebook groups, they found that there was no clear, easy and singular platform that people could rely on to both get the things they need and easily swap the things they don’t. 

Swopz Shop Bristol was born to bring these existing swapping and sustainability initiatives together in a free, easy to use online space.


The idea behind Swopz Shop is simple:

Post your unwanted items > Receive points for doing so > Spend your points on stuff you need. 

You can get extra points by signing up, posting swaps, accepting offers, sharing swaps, referring friends and more!

Unlike other sites already out there, Swopz Shop is a unique marketplace whereby consumers barter with Points. Our Karma Points allow you to swap items of different values, fairly and for free! When you sign up you are given Points to get you started so that you can start swapping immediately.

“You can earn Points by swapping and sharing, which encourages positive interactions in our local community.” – Claudia Effra-Hume, Swopz Shop Bristol Co-Founder.

“Swopz Shop enables the positive behaviour of giving, but in a way that still retains the value of the item you want to swap.”

We want to make these Points as accessible as possible whilst encouraging positive interactions so we’re continuously thinking of more ideas to be able to get more Points!
If you haven’t already, head straight to our website to sign up today and receive your first 200 points.


We believe that a small community focus can lead to huge impacts. We’ve chosen to keep it local and solely Bristol based at the moment so we can provide a more personal service and encourage positive community interactions. 

One of our biggest aims is to work with local charities so that vulnerable individuals can get access to the things they need for free. Once it’s possible and safe to do so will be hosting regular swapping events in Bristol to be able to do this. Keep your eyes peeled for happenings around you and sign up now!

Starting small doesn’t mean we want to stop here! We’d love to expand to other communities in the future so be sure to watch this space.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this insight into our background and ethos and what we want to achieve. If you have any further questions about anything, or if you want to collaborate with us at Swopz Shop you can email us on [email protected]

Otherwise, find us on our social media platforms below where we respond pretty quickly 🙂 

Lots of Love, The Swopz Shop Team

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We hope you have found some of these tips useful! If you are looking for a free way to swap clothes locally, make sure to sign up for Swopz today and browse our listings.

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