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Swopz Shop is a unique online swapping community making it easy and rewarding for anyone to swap out the old for the new! You can declutter or locate second-hand items for no cost and get rewarded for doing so. Members collect Points through successful swopz and then use these Points in exchange for other unwanted things.

Come to an event!

As well as our thriving online community, we run regular pop-up events in hubs around Bristol. People bring along their unwanted items and swap them for some fresh preloved finds. Our goal is to make swapping an accessible and regular part of normal people’s lives. Plus, it’s great to connect with people in the community face to face.

We bring loads of stock from our Fishponds warehouse, so you’re guaranteed to find some gems, but we also get a lot of donations from the local community. This makes up our base stock for the meet-ups. Anything not swapped goes onto the website.

Swopz Shop mainly hosts Pop-up Clothes Swopz and Pop-up Toy Swopz, but we love putting on all kinds of events and have even held a Halloween costume swap. 

Pop-up Clothes Swopz Shops

Clothes swaps are where it all began for us at Swopz Shop. They’re a fantastic way to clear out your wardrobe and make room for some unbelievable pre-loved finds! Simply bring along your unwanted clothes and swap them for clothes you actually want! Who knows what you’ll find?


STEP 1 : Entry requirements are always detailed on our events page. For FREE entry, you usually need to list 3 items on our website before the event.

STEP 2 : You bring your unwanted clothes

STEP 3 : We give you tokens for the number of items you bring

STEP 4 : There are even ways to buy tokens so you never run out!

STEP 5 : There are loads of opportunities to receive Swopz points at our events to spend online. Look out for voucher codes and be sure to review us on Facebook and Google too!

Visit our events page so you don’t miss the next event.

Why not attend a Pop-up Toy Swopz Shop?

Toy swaps are a parent’s dream. A simple way to clear out all the unwanted toys and swap them for great pre-loved ones chosen by your kids! Plus, by swapping instead of shopping you’re doing your bit for the environment and saving money too. 

Head to our events page for details of the next toy swap.

Start swapping your pre-loved things for free today! >>

We hope you’ve found some of these tips useful! If you’re looking for a free way to swap clothes locally, make sure to sign up for Swopz Shop today and browse our listings.

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