Bristol, Britain’s First Green Capital

Bristol has it all – an abounding history, a pulsing music scene, and distinguished artists, but when it comes to being the best, the ‘Best place to live in Britain’ has added a new level to its game: sustainability.

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Acknowledged by Europe

In the last decade, Bristol has risen to be regarded among the greenest cities in the world. A pivotal achievement saw the city named as Britain’s very first ‘European Green Capital’ by the European Commission in 2015 for its commitment to high environmental standards and its ambitious goals for the future.

The Award was welcome recognition of Bristol’s green accomplishments, but served largely as a catalyst for Mayor-at-the-time, George Ferguson, to accelerate the initiatives necessary to make Bristol a “proper green city.”

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You may have since heard of CAZ, Bristol City Council’s plans to establish a ‘Clean Air Zone’ that will see vehicles above an emissions threshold charged a fee in order to use the city’s central roads. 

Excuse our language, but ‘For Cups Sake’ is another Bristol-born scheme whose success has resulted in plans for its expansion. Each day, nearly 7.5 million coffee cups are thrown as litter. In response, Bristol Waste have installed a battalion of paper cup recycling bins along the city’s key commuter routes.

The recycled cups are baled at their site in Avonmouth, then turned into high-quality notebooks, gift boxes, and paper shopping bags at the James Cropper paper mill in the Lake District. On top of that, Bristol Waste are working with One Tree Per Child to plant a tree for every 10,000 cups recycled.

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As green cities go, Bristol is certainly leading the way. A thriving arm to its sprouting sustainability is the growing number of vintage clothing and charity shops in the area. Consuming second-hand rather than buying new is becoming a serious trend, and it has enormous advantages for the environment. 

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