6 Ways To Get Kids Involved In Recycling

Reusing and Recycling are key ways in which we can reduce the amount of waste we produce and our impact on the environment. Many adults are altering their lifestyles to become more eco-conscious and sustainable, but how do we encourage kids to do the same? Well, here are six ideas for getting kids involved in and excited about recycling.

  1. Lead by example

Children love to copy adults around them, so show them how to recycle by setting an example and doing so yourself. This could involve showing them how to separate recycling from other waste, having colour-coded bins, or getting them to help you take the rubbish out. This way you can be a positive role model for living eco-consciously.

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  1. Make your child a waste-free lunch

Pack your child’s lunch in all reusable packaging, with their own reusable water bottle and encourage them to look after their lunchbox as these items are to be used everyday. Additionally, avoid or minimise your consumption of pre-packaged items. For example, buy a larger packet of crisps and distribute into individual reusable containers instead of buying multipacks with more plastic. This is a cost-effective way to do lunches as well as being better for the environment.

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  1. Start a compost bin

Composting is a great way to have a positive impact, and to get kids learning about the environment. Get your child their own compost bin, which you can either buy or make out of a plastic bin with holes made in the top, bottom and sides to allow air in. To be even more eco-friendly, make one out of an old coffee can. Next teach them what goes in the compost bin, such as gone-off fruit and veg, egg shells, plant waste, etc. Add a layer of soil to introduce microorganisms which will break down the waste. Stir or shake the compost weekly and when your compost is made, show them how you can use it in your garden!

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  1. Arts and crafts with recycled materials

There are many creative projects you can get your child involved in using recycled materials, which are both enjoyable and educational. Not only does this recycle waste materials such as loo roll and cereal boxes, but it reduces the need to buy new plastic toys and saves you money. Here are some great ideas:

9 Easy Recycling Art Projects For Kids – CleanRiver

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  1. Encourage them to clean out their room of unwanted stuff

This is a great way to de-clutter, as children grow out of their clothes and toys so fast. Get your child involved by asking them to sort out what they are too grown up for now, and let them know that these items will be recycled or donated to a good cause. Swopz Shop is a great place to transform your old things into new things! You can swap your unwanted items for Swopz points and spend them on new-to-you items. This way your little one’s old clothes and toys can be enjoyed by someone else, and you can get them involved in choosing a new toy or outfit to spend their points on. It’s a win-win!

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  1. Get your child involved in gardening

Gardening can be a great way to get your child interested in nature and help them understand the importance of looking after the environment. A great first gardening project is planting seeds such as cress which sprout quickly and can be grown on the kitchen windowsill if you do not have access to a garden. Growing herbs and vegetables is also a great idea and you can use the produce to cook with, another way to involve your child in sustainable living.

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These are just a few ideas which can help get kids involved in recycling and looking after the environment. Check out our other blog posts, where you can find cleaning hacks, upcycling ideas and more to help with being eco-conscious at home, as well as our instagram for more top tips, eco swaps and facts. At Swopz Shop we are passionate about recycling and having a positive impact on our environment. Head over to our website to find out how you can swap out the old for the new-to-you in an easy, environmentally friendly and rewarding way.

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