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Swopz shop is a money-free swapping community where you can swap your unwanted items.

Swopz work through our Swopz Points system.

You can post items that you no longer need → receive Swopz oints for doing so →  then use these points to get other items you need.

You can collect more Swopz points through posting more unwanted things, accepting offers on your listings, referring friends, sharing on social media and playing games.

Swopz points are what you collect to enable you to put offers on any item on the website. Swopz points allow you to swap any item for free and in a fair way.

You have three easy ways to get more points:
1. Get rewarded for actions on the site
2. Swap your things for points
3. Buy Swopz points
You can find all these options where ever you see the ‘Get Points’ button found on any listing and by clicking here

In order to participate in a Swopz, first, you need to register an account.

Tap ‘Post A Swopz’ at the top right of our page.

Add your photos to this form, along with their Swopz Points value that you decide. Upload for the Swopz community to find.

Soon you will receive offers for your unwanted things which you can accept or decline.  

If you accept an offer you can then use these points to obtain new-to-you items. 

In order to participate in a swap, first, you need to collect Swopz points.

It’s super easy to get points. Simple register and Boom! you get points.

Other great ways are, listing your unwanted things, refer a friend, social share and much more!  Check out all your options by clicking here

Now that your Swopz points are rolling in, get spending! Swap for new-to-you items.

You can use our search bar to find specific items you need, or you can just browse Swopz until an item catches your eye. When you browse you will see a picture of an item along with how many points they want to swap it for.

When you find an item you like, you can use your points to get it by tapping on the ‘Make Offer’ button. Here you will enter the amount of points you are offering along with a message if you wish to.

If you find you are a little low on points, you can offer a lower amount along with a polite message to the swapper to see if they will accept. Otherwise, you can get more points via the Get Points’ button next to your balance.

If the swapper accepts your offer, you can then arrange a pick-up. 

Your inbox holds all your swapping activity and conversations with swappers.

You can spend your Swopz points by putting offers on any item on the website. 

Swopz points cannot be exchanged for money. 

When you have agreed on a swap, arrange with the person you are swapping with on the best way to pick up or drop off the item.

Please make sure that all items are cleaned thoroughly and the swap abides by social distancing rules. 

It is important to follow the Government guidelines, so washing your hands, fully cleaning all items to be swapped, and make swaps contact free. Click here to read our full COVID-19 policy for more information.

If you have found a Swopz which you want to visit later.  You can ‘favourite’ it on the advert it’s self. Just tap the heart icon and it will be saved.

You can find all your favourite swap ads within your profile dashboard under  ‘My Favourite Swopz’

If you feel that the advert is breaking some rules, you can report it directly from the advert page by tapping on the ‘Report’ button and providing a detailed reason.

The advert will remain active until the administrator checks it out.

To post an advert, Tap the ‘Post Swopz’ button, top right of each page.

If you are not already a member you will be prompted to create an account before posting an Swopz.

Now on the ad form, you need to add at least one image of your item with a limit of 10 images per advert. Add a Swopz points value and a description. Then post your ad!

You can add up to ten images on any advert.

To create an account, simply tap on the ‘Sign Up’ link at the top of the page.  This will open a new window, where you can create your account. 

Yes, when you have an account, you get access to our messaging system, which allows you to talk to anyone swapping items.  You can arrange a swap and pick up using this messaging system.

When a swap is complete, you will be prompted within your chat window with the other person to leave a review about your experience.

Please be honest and fair in the reviews that you give.

Yes, is optimised to use on your mobile, so you can keep up to date with your swaps wherever you are!

You can also save the website as an icon on your phone, which gives you direct access to the website and you can use it offline. To do this from your phone, go to, then click on the share icon in your browser, then click “Add to Home Screen”. 

You can give us feedback by tapping on the feedback tab on the homepage or by emailing us at [email protected]

If you have an issue or concern about a swap, please try and resolve it with the other person using your inbox to communicate with them. If you are still having issue then please email us at [email protected]