Co Founder


15 to 25 hour per week

Are you a parent passionate about sustainability?

Do you want to make a real difference to the future generations? 

Swopz Shop is looking for a co-founder to help us improve the sustainability of our society by getting families swapping instead of shopping.

I am Jasmine, the creator of Swopz Shop – a unique swapping community making it easy and rewarding for anyone to swap out the old for the new.

Becoming a mum changed my priorities – climate change is now a massive concern for me. Kids need so much stuff and their constantly changing needs make maintaining a sustainable lifestyle a real effort – buying new is so easy. We lack the motivation, convenience, and ability to recycle. To tackle this, I launched

We believe that Swopz Shop will in time provide a creative, digitally-based solution that will offer consumers a convenient way to recycle pre-loved goods in a frictionless way.

I am looking for someone to complement my skill set, be as passionate about sustainability as we are and help manage a small team.

You’ll need excellent organisation skills and an obsession with improving how things are run. Since the start-up is in the money-raising stage, the Co Founders are expected to play an important role in this milestone in the company’s history.

Areas of expertise that will be considered are Marketing, Operations and Business development all within the digital industry. Additional beneficial experience would be individuals that have worked at board level, fundraising with investors and public speaking.

Please note the position will be equity only until revenues have built up or we’ve accomplished significant progress with our fundraising activities.

I look forward to hearing from you