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So what is Swopz Shop about?

In short, recycle, reuse, repeat. Swopz Shop is a swapping community. We bring people together to swap unwanted items.

Our mission is to encourage people to recycle, reuse, and repurpose unwanted things. We want people to stop throwing away unwanted stuff or buying something new at a drop of a hat. Someone’s rubbish could be someone else’s treasure! 

Our current consumer society is not sustainable. We are overusing the planet’s natural resources and polluting our home. We know that we need to change our habits. Change is possible.

Community spirit is at the heart of Swopz Shop. A good swap is a local swap and recycling items with your neighbours will have a massive positive impact on your local area and environment. So sign up and get involved. Let’s make this change together. 

Swopz Shop has two parts, an online marketplace and regularly run pop-up Swopz Shop.

Online Swopz Shop is the heart of the Swopz Shop community, creating a space where people can swap anything for free and fairly using our Swopz points system, from clothes and toys, to sofas and tables, or even skills like gardening and DIY!

The website makes it easy to find other people swapping items locally to you and allows you to collect points so you can swap anything for free.

You can collect Swopz points by posting items to your account, by swapping, and leaving reviews. It is a really fun way to barter and know that you are doing your bit to recycle and reuse.

Pop-Up Swopz Shop

As well as the online community, we run regular meetups for people to bring things they want to swap and meet in person. It is great to meet people in the community face to face.

We donate a lot of our own things, which is a great way to clear out and pass things forward, but we also get a lot of donations from the local community. This makes up our base stock for the meet-ups. Anything not swapped goes onto the website.

If you would like to attend a pop-up Swopz, please contact [email protected]

Meet the team behind Swopz Shop



Chief Executive Officer

My favourite things to do are repurposing discarded things and rummaging through charity shops. I think my obsession began at college. I loved to make furniture out of anything I could find in nearby skip. I ended up getting a degree in Product Design Sustainable Futures, which was a little more glamorous then the old skip days! I now have a 2 year old and still recycle and refrain from buying anything new where possible. Although, it’s tough, as kids need so much stuff and their needs are constantly changing. There is a constant flow of things entering and leaving my home.

The idea for Swopz was born from this, from the need to find new things and be able to swap them easily and for free.



Chief Marketing Officer

Since my daughter’s arrival, getting toys and clothes second hand, buying recycled items, or being given hand-me-downs has been very important to us. It saves us a lot of money as well as reducing our impact on the amount of waste in the world. But it isn’t always easy to find second-hand things or to get rid of what you have. This is why Swopz Shop really resonated with me. I can connect with my local swapping community online and at a time that suits me.